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Backhoe Loader

New Holland's updated C Series backhoe loader is an excavator and a wheel loader in one. It is the versatile choice for grading, grabbing, lifting, planting, digging, excavating, post hole boring and much, much more!

With a 4-in-1 bucket, this wheel digger can move bulk material, grab heavy items, such as concrete pillars and tree trunks, carry out grading and levelling. With a 6-in-1 bucket there is the option to flip down adjustable pallet forks, making it perfect for moving around heavy items on pallets, without needing an additional dedicated vehicle. A wide choice of buckets are available to match the task, such as water course clearance, trenching and match excavation. A whole host of other tools can be added, such as post hole borers and hydraulic hammers.

The long reach and digging depth of both the standard and telescopic dipper are far greater than many conventional, dedicated excavators. The reach is up to a massive 6529 mm.

The entry level B100C model is affordable yet comes with a high standard specification that suits a variety of needs. The B115C features all wheel steer and boasts a powerful performance. 

Models B100 C B110 C B115 C
Engine Power (hp) 98 111 111
Loader Lift Capacity (kg) 3450 3553 3075
Max. Backhoe Reach (mm) 6542 6542 6529
Hinge Pin Height (mm) 3458 3458 3478
Backhoe Dig Depth (mm) 4600 4600 4489
Extended Dig Depth (mm) 5785  5785 5673
Bucket Breakout (Extended) Force (daN) 5971 5971 5971
Max. Reach (mm) 6542 6542 6529




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