Kidd 450T Bale Shredder For Sale

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Kidd 450T Bale Shredder

The Kidd 450T is a compact bale shredder with a surprisingly large capacity. It's 1.69m (5ft 6") wide with a two bale capacity (one on the tail gate and one in the shredder), and is ideal for feeding hay, haylage, silage or shredding and chopping straw. It drops silage chopped or baled over a barrier, and will put silage chopped or baled to the side on the floor or in a feed trough. The 450T will blow / throw straw 25 meters (82ft).


  • Handles straw, silage (chopped or baled), hay and haylage
  • 2 bale capacity (one on tail gate, one in the machine)
  • Large flywheel for 25 meter throw / blow
  • Swivel chute
  • Electric controls
  • Large bale retaining bar
  • Fixed or adjustable beater comb
  • Tractor HP: 75
  • Driveline protected by shear bolt, slip and overrun clutches
  • Any shape of round or square bale up to 1.54m (5ft) wide or 3.2m (10.40ft) long
  • All welded construction
  • Swivel chute with 270° of rotation
  • Rear remote control of tail gate and floor conveyor for easy loading

Kidd 450T Bale Shredder Specifications

Capacity 4.50m³
Width 2.15m
Height 2.65m
Length 4.36m
Beaters 1
Wheel track 1.85m
Wheels 10/75
Brakes Optional
Weight 2100 kg
Tractor 75 HP


 For more information on the 450T bale shredder please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.



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