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Spread-a-Bale MIDI

We have a Spread-a-Bale® MIDI for sale. 

Spread-a-Bale is a reliable and efficient solution for spreading bedding straw. Customers who have previously purchased a Spread-a-Bale report labour savings of up to 75% and a reduction of straw usage of up to 50%. 


  • Spreads both rectangular and round bales
  • Requires only one tractor / material handler
  • Quick and easy to attach / detach
  • Self-loads from the stack
  • One bale can be spread in less than 45 seconds
  • Requires only 55 litres per minute oil flow
  • Lower straw usage: less manure
  • Low maintenance and running costs

HOW IT WORKS: instead of chipping and blowing straw into the livestock pen, Spread-a-Bale's spreading rotors accelerate a mass of straw and launch it across the full width of the pen while generating a minimal amount of dust.  The reduction in dust reduces the risk of pneumonic conditions, eye infections and injuries from foreign object missiles.

  • Saves straw
  • Saves time
  • Lowers dust and health risks
  • Improves welfare: animals are kept cleaner

Spread-a-Bale MIDI Specifications

Front, left or right spreading
Minimum loader lift capacity required
2500 kg
Left and right side mounting
Minimum loader lift capacity required
2000 kg
Round bales
Maximum diameter
1.5 m
Rectangular bales
Maximum length
2.5 m
Rectangular bales
Maximum width
1.2 m
Rectangular bales
Maximum height
Auxiliary hydraulic
Maximum oil flow required
55 l/min


For more information about the MIDI and the Spread-a-Bale® range please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.



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