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Large Square Balers - New Holland BigBaler

For ultimate productivity, the New Holland BigBaler range has been put through its paces and undergone an extensive testing programme with just about every crop possible, in a variety of conditions. The result is a whole new level of productivity and efficiency.

The BigBaler Plus range contains four models: from the standard 80 x 70 cm model right through to the largest 120 x 90 cm variant. You can also specify the crop processing method: Standard, Packer Cutter or CropCutter™ options.

  • Up to 10% higher density
  • Improved bale shape
  • Reduced risk of twine snapping 
  • Intuitive density control
  • Consistent day-long density
  • Bale even in the hottest conditions
  • Gentler bale drop
  • Easier and more accessible maintenance
  • Easier to clean
Flexible Crop Processing Solutions

CropCutter - Two chopping lengths can be selected: a medium 8 cm chop (perfect for bedding) or a fine 4 cm chop for silage, fodder and biomass applications.

Packer Cutter - The ultimate in baling flexibility. Chopping can be automatically engaged from the cab to significantly enhance the density and nutritional value of silage bales.

Standard - No chopping occurs, allowing long, unbroken straw or hay to be fed directly into the chamber for dust free fodder or bedding (perfect for livestock and equine businesses).

Models Version Available Bale
Width / Height

Bale Length
Min. / Max.

Min. PTO power
BigBaler 870 Plus Standard / Packer Cutter / CropCutter 80 / 70 cm 100 / 260 cm 102 hp
BigBaler 890 Plus Standard / Packer Cutter / CropCutter 80 / 90 cm 100 / 260 cm
102 hp
BigBaler 1270 Plus Standard / CropCutter 120 / 70 cm 100 / 260 cm
122 hp
BigBaler 1290 Plus Standard / CropCutter 120 /90 cm 100 / 260 cm
130 hp


For more information on the New Holland BigBaler Plus range please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.