New Holland BigBaler 1290 Plus - Large Square Baler

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New Holland BigBaler 1290 Plus DEMO

Would you like to arrange a demo with the New Holland BigBaler 1290 Plus Loop Master™? Get in touch with your local area rep or call us on the main Sales Office phone on 01626 831850.

Why choose a BigBaler? Because you can enjoy the following features:

  • Up to 10% higher density
  • Consistent day-long density
  • Improved bale shape
  • Gentler bale drop
  • Easier and more accessible maintenance
  • Easier to clean
  • Reduced risk of twine snapping
  • Bale even in the hottest conditions
Features on the BigBaler 1290 Plus DEMO include:

  • 120 x 90 cm bale size
  • Standard packer and stuffer
  • Full and partial bale eject
  • 560R22.5 tyres with hydraulic brakes
  • Suspended steered tandem axle
  • Camera kit
  • Full LED light kit
  • Rub pad moisture sensor
  • Bale weighing system
  • Large colour monitor
  • Auto greasing

Loop Master™ double knotter system illustrated in this video:

BigBaler 1290 Plus Specifications

Type Standard CropCutter™
Bale Dimensions
Width / Height 120 / 90 cm
Minimum / Maximum length
100 / 260 cm
Tractor Requirements
Minimum PTO Power 130 hp(CV) 160 hp(CV)
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Hydraulic remotes 2 3
Main Drive
Gearbox Enclosed oil immersed triple reduction gearbox
Protection Shear bolt, overrunning clutch and slip clutch
MaxiSweep™ pick-up
Width (DIN11220) 2.23 m 2.35 m
Roller windguard As standard
Feed assist auger As standard
Tine diameter 5.5 mm 6 mm
Flotation Adjustable Spring
Castering Pick-up Gauge Wheels Optional
Pick up slipclutch protection As standard
Gauge wheels (15 x 6.00-6-4ply) 2
Cropcutter™ system - As standard
Knives options - 15 or 29
Knife distance - 78 / 39 mm
Knife removal - Sliding knife drawer
Knife activation, in - out - Hydraulic
Knife protection - Individual springs
Feeding system
Feeder 3 packer forks,
9 single tines
Rotor Width 1200 mm
"W" tine configuration
Feeder protection Slip clutch Cut-out clutch
Stuffer Fork type
with 6 tines
Fork type
with 6 times
Stuffer protection Shearbolt
Pre-compression chamber, volume 0.3 m³
SmartFill™ system As standard
Speed 48 strokes/min
Length of stroke 710 mm
Tying system
Type Double knot type
Twine type 110-150 M/kg plast.
Number of twines 6
Knotter fan type Electric
Number of knotter fans 3
Knotter function alert IntelliView™ monitor and visual
Knotter lubrication Grease
Twine ball capacity 32
Bale density system
Promotional 3-way control IntelliView monitor controlled
Electronic control system
ISO 11783 Connection Ready As standard
IntelliView™ IV monitor Optional
IntelliCruise™ system Optional*
PLM® GPS data logging Optional
Road lights As standard
Light package I Work lights standard: 2 x rear work lights, 1 x rotary beacon,
LED strip lights on the knotter, pick-up and needles
Light package II Service LED lights optional: left and right and side
stuffer lights, left and right hand side twine box lights
Single axle 600/55X22.5 or 710/40X22.5
Tandem axle 500/50X17
Tandem axle with Auto-Steer system
Large wheel tandem axle with Auto-Steer system 560/45 R22.5 or 620/50 R22.5**
Hydraulic Optional
Pneumatic Optional
Maximum travelling speeds
Single & Tandem axle / Large wheel tandem axle 40 / 60 kph
Baler dimensions
Length chute closed (single piece) 8259 mm 8315 mm
Width (Single axle 600/55X22.5 tyres) 2948 mm 2948 mm
Width (Single axle 710/40 R22.5 tyres) 2984 mm 2984 mm
Width (Tandem axle 500/50X17 tyres) 2782 mm 2782 mm
Width (Large wheel tandem axle 620/50 R22.5 tyres) 2946 mm 2946 mm
Height (Single axle and Tandem axle) 3133 mm 3223 mm
Standard equipment Roller windguard, SmartFill™ system, central greasing system, standard Bale-Eject system, roller bale chute with hydraulic folding, working lights
Optional equipment Comfort package, automatic greasing, Partial Bale-Eject™ system, service lights, camera monitoring system, ActiveWeigh™ system, moisture measuring system, hard face knife kit, Electronic Bale Length system, CropSaver liquid preservative, rear bumper

  * Charge Control mode only available on CropCutter™ models

  ** 620/50R22.5 for CropCutter™ models only



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