Round Bale Wrapper - Tanco A100EH

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Tanco A100EH Round Bale Wrapper

The Tanco A100EH model is a fully automatic round bale wrapper that is ideally suited for individual farmers and contractors. With the single press of a button bales are loaded, wrapped and unloaded.

The design of the A100EH allows for two bales to be carried at the same time while moving: when the first bale is wrapped then the second bale is automatically loaded onto the wrapping table.

Thanks to its low operational position, the wrapping table off-loads bales directly to the ground without any need for an off-load ramp.

This model is part of Tanco's A100 Series: robust, efficient and compact trailed bale wrappers that have been developed to eliminate waste and weight. 

A100EH features:

  • Heavy duty adjustable load arm
  • Tanco dual stretch aluminium dispenser with 55% and 70% stretch options built in
  • RDS expert controller
  • Hydraulic cut and start
  • Extra wide wheels 31 x 15.5-15 for reduced ground impaction
  • Off-load lock for consistent bale position

Optional extras available:

  • End-tip kit
  • Radio remote control kit
  • Bale support roller
  • Auto-Start automatically starts loading the bale on contact with wrapper


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Tanco A100EH Specifications

Weight & Dimensions
Transport length 4.10m
Transport width 2.76m
Height in transport 2.41m
Weight 1,460kg
Wheel dimensions (standard) 31-15.50-15
Bale Dimensions
Width x
(min. - max. diameter)
1.25 x (1.00-1.50) m
US round bale dimensions up to 4" x 5"
Max. bale weight 1,000kg
Min. oil consumption 25 l/min
Max. oil consumption 60 l/min
Min. oil pressure 150 bar
Free flow return required Yes
Load sensing option No
Programmable computer controls Standard
Remote control Optional
Automatic hydraulic cut & start Standard
Auto-load Optional
One pre-stretcher 750mm Standard
Adapter for 500mm Optional
Film roll holder / stock Standard
Bale-and-wrap counter Standard
Auto-stop when end of cycle Standard
End-tip (place bales on flat end) Optional
Road lights Standard


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