New Holland Roll-Bar™ 125 Baler

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New Holland Roll-Bar™ 125

The New Holland Roll-Bar™ 125 is an all-new fixed chamber baler that produces a 1.25m diameter bale. For positive turning, the high tensile steel rotation bars become embedded in the bale, resulting in early core formation and positive rolling action in all crops and conditions. This means you can bale any crop, in whatever condition, while applying whatever bale density is required.

The standard Roll-Bar™ 125 baler carries three rolls of net (one active and two stored). Twine and net wrap balers can store up to six twine balls in place of a net roll. For outside storage it can work with full-width plastic film. For silage baling the additional plastic layers protect the crop and can help improve silage quality.

Not only does the Roll-Bar™ 125 produce the perfect bale shape, the core of the bale is softer than the outside for improved aeration. 

  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved high crop flexibility
  • Gull-wing opening design for easy servicing
  • Choice of feeding systems
  • Choice of twine or net wrap
  • Optimum crop transfer
  • Increased output in high volume crops
  • Improved silage quality
  • High quality sealed bearings in main drive, stripper roll and rotor
  • 2 metre wide pick-up with closely spaced curved tines
  • Wide pneumatic gauge wheels
  • Highly efficient pick-up flotation system
  • Super Sweep™ pick-up action

Roll-Bar™ 125 Specification

Bale Size
Bale width / diameter 1.20 / 1.25
Volume 1.47 m³
Width 2.00 m
Number of tines / tine bars 112 / 4
Windguard plate & tines
Windguard roller o
Pick-up wheels
15 x6.00-6-4ply
Protection PTO shaft cut out clutch
Protection pick-up driveline shearbolt
Hydraulic pick-up lift
Type  Rotor type
Rotor reverser kit o
Number of augers 2
Feeder width 140 cm
CropCutter™ option
Number of knives 15 maximum
Knife range choice 15 / 7 / 8 / 0
CropCutter™ engagment Bale Command Plus™
Knife protection Spring
Hydraulic rotor reverser o
Bale information
Type Roll-Bar™ system
Rollers 1 bottom roll & 1 starter roll
No. of bale rotation bars 34
Type Bale Command Plus™
Control Electric
No. of twines 2
Twine wrapping patterns
Pre-programmed 3
Customer programmed 1
No. of twine balls 6
Net wrapping Duckbill type
Net, number of wraps Variable, 1 / 4 wraps
Net storage 1 active, 2 stored
Bale dimensions
Length, inc. bale ejector 3.95 m
Height 2.35 m
Width, without pick-up wheels 2.4 m
Width, with pick-up wheels 2.69 m
Weight 2800 kg
15.0/55 x 17 - 10 ply

480/45 x 17 - 10 ply
Other equipment
Road light equipment
Automatic chain lubrication
Springloaded bale ejector o

 ● Standard  o Optional



For more information about the New Holland Roll-Bar™ 125 please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.



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