Kongskilde FCT 1060

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Kongskilde FCT 1060 Forage Harvester

The Kongskilde FCT 1060 trailed forage harvester is both user-friendly and strong. The pick-up crop press roller increases output by improving the flow through the feed intake area, and the chopping rotor increases the capacity of the Upper Cut system without the need for a large tractor.

Due to the chopping rotor being heavier and drawing more air into the chute, the Upper Cut capacity increases up to 25% compared to previous designs. The risk of blockages in the intake section is minimised along with a long and powerful throw of the crop from the chute.


  • Upper Cut system
  • New reinforced cutting drum - higher capacity with same input
  • Wide feed intake - better flow and thereby higher capacity
  • Easy to operate control box
  • Pro-Tec has less impact on the transmission

Upper Cut System
The crop does not have to go through the rotor housing first, but instead the Upper Cut system cuts the material at the shearbar then throws the crop directly into the chute, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Electro-hydraulic Control Box
The FCT 1060 ProTec comes equipped with an electro-hydraulic system that can be controlled by a single control box.

Metal Detector (Option)
The FCT 1060 can be supplied with feed rollers made from demagnetised material. There is a magnetic field in front of the rollers, and a stop pawl halts feeding immediately, preventing metal objects from entering the chopping rotor.

Foldable Chute (Option)
Fitted with this option, the forage harvester can benefit from the ideal combination of a high loading height and low transport height (below 4 metres).

FCT 1060 Specification

Pick up width1.8m or 2.1m
Power requirement [kW/HP]88-147 / 120-200
Friction clutch in PTO shaft1,800 Nm
Width of blade motor0.72 m
RPM for rotor1,600 RPM
Number of blades24 or 32
Theoretical cutting length
with 24 blades
8.5 and 16.5 mm
Reversible shearbarStandard
Number of feed rollers4
Feed reversalElectro-hydraulic
Turning angle for chute280 degrees
Max weight2,440 kg
Free-wheeling clutch in PTO shaftStandard
Steel wheels on pick-upStandard
Chute controlHydraulic
Metal detectorOption
Foldable chuteOption
Cutting unit (2.4m)Option
Corn unit 2 rowsOption


For more information on the Kongskilde FCT1060 trailed forage harvester please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.



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