Pichon M1045 Muck Master Dung Spreader

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Pichon M1045 Muck Spreader Available For Demo

The M1045 Muck Master is one of the smallest dung spreaders in Pichon's range. They have a loading capacity of up to 10m³ and only require low tractor power. It is constructed from an entirely galvanised body with two vertical beaters of 885mm diameter and 42 reversible blades.

Comes equipped with a sprung drawbar and a manual jack. For increased comfort, a drawbar with passive hydraulic suspension with a hydraulic jack is an option.

As with all models in the Pichon Muck Master range, the M1045 can be customized depending on the specific needs of the user. Please see the Optional Equipment section below for more information.

5 Year Warranty - Pichon offer a 5 year warranty on the muck spreader body/frame and chassis. The warranty covers any premature strain/distortion during a normal operation of the machine.




  • Equipped with 90 mm square beam axles and hydraulic brakes 400 x 80 mm
  • Fully galvanised
  • Axle recessed in the chassis
  • Galvanised sprung drawbar
  • Manual jack
  • Bolted ring hitch
  • Folding ladder
  • Flashing beacon
  • Truck light
  • Large front protection frame
  • Chassis 6mm thick
  • Removable body sides 3mm thick
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Rear frame 6mm thick
  • Wide box belt
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Front frame 4 and 6mm thick


  • Large diameter beaters (885mm)
  • Drive shaft 55mm diameter, fully protected 
  • Overrunning clutch + cam clutch
  • Standard PTO shaft
  • Oversized gearbox
  • Floor speed regulator on cable frame
  • Marine bed chains (16x56mm)
  • Left & right front rolls scrapper 
  • Manual chain tension

Optional Equipment

Pichon offer a whole range of optional equipment. 

Drawbars - Hitches - Jacks

  • 80mm bolted ball hitch instead of ring hitch
  • Hydraulic jack instead of manual jack
  • Drawbar foot instead of manual jack

Mudguards - Lights

  • Mudguards with 1 pair of side lights LED included
  • Rear mudflaps
  • Extra for LED road lights
  • Extra side lights
  • LED truck lights
  • Translucent flap on top front (for liquid manure)
  • Wheel chock (brackets included)

Running Gears

  • Air brakes
  • Air and hydraulic brakes

  • Extra for wide angle PTO shaft 6 splines

Floor Chains

  • Removable floor slats
  • Floor with PICHON flat chains
Spreading Tools

  • Hydraulic guillotine door
  • Right side hydraulic deflector
  • Left side hydraulic deflector
  • Rear hood with spinning discs
  • Mechanical guillotine door level indicator
  • Hydraulic guillotine door level indicator
  • Right bottom deflector on rear hood
  • Left bottom deflector on rear hood
  • Curved blades on first bottom screw
  • Curved blades on the entire screw

In-Cab Controls

  • In-cab electric floor control
  • Hydraulic distribution
  • Opening guillotine door security
  • Load counter 

Hydraulic Unit

  • Hydraulic drive unit (oil quantity delivered 80L - 1000 RPM PTO) with hydraulic distribution only

Touch Screen Flowmeter (DPAE) with weighing system

The machine is then capable to comply with precise instructions of doses for spreading light product such as poultry manure or compost with a precise rate going to 2 tonnes/ha. After the end of the spreading sequence, the user is able to know the weight, the number of loads and the tonnage per hectare spread on a plot in order to get precise records of its activity.

Electronic Flowmeter Control

  • Flowmeter (requires a hydraulic distribution)
  • Flowmeter + Weighing system
  • ISOBUS extra for Flowmeter
  • ISOBUS screen for tractor
  • Load Sensing (Power Beyond) for oil on demand


  • Polyurethane storage box 440x400x480mm with handle
  • 25L hand washing water tank (please specify position on spreader)
  • Notebook tube
  • Toolbox

M1045 Technical Data

Capacity M³ 10
Axle / Studs Axle 90mm / 10 studs
Hydraulic Brakes 400 x 80
Reducer 5000 Nm
U shape slats 70mm 29
Beaters diameter 885mm
Screw thickness 8mm
Reversible blades 42
Bed-Top beater height 480 rpm
Hydraulic motor 160 cm³/tr
Marine bed chains 16mm x 56mm
Distance between floor slats 336mm
Floor slats 29
Minimum tractor power 160 HP


For more information please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.


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