West Maelstrom 10 Rear Discharge Muck Spreader

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West Maelstrom 10 Rear Discharge Spreader

West's Maelstrom Rear Discharge Muck Spreaders are particularly suitable for farm yard manure and are capable of achieving a spread width of up to 40ft (12m). The twin rear vertical rotating beaters operate at 400 rpm from the PTO drive input of 1000 rpm.

A low loading height and Y shape body means material handlers can fill the spreader quickly and easily. 

One option is a hydraulic rear gate, allowing the spreader to be used with poultry manure and semi-solids.

A manual controller manages the reversing of the unit, or if fitted, by using the electro/hydraulic control.


  • New Y shaped body
  • 24mm adjusters
  • Rear beaters fitted with replaceable blades
  • Protected two-piece drive-line
  • Slip clutch
  • Wide angle PTO
  • LED lights as standard
  • Chain drive with padless connectors
  • Large diameter wider tyres to minimise ground pressure


  • Slurry door
  • Electric hydraulic in cab controls
  • Weighing system
  • FYM GPS control system
  • Mudguards
  • Swivel hitch
  • Light protectors


For more information on the West Maelstrom 10 manure spreader, please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.

West Maelstrom 10 Specification

Loading height 2.35 m
Overall length 7.50 m
Overall height 2.67 m
Overall width 2.87 m
Overall weight 4960 kg
Internal length 4.53 m
Internal height 1.00 m
Internal width 1.5 m
Extensions fitted Timber
Side plates 4 mm
Floor plates 4/5 mm
Axle beam 130 mm
Brake size 406/120
Tyre size 580/70R38
Chain size 14 mm


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