Blaney C550 Hedge Trimmer

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Blaney C550 Hedge Trimmer - New/Demo

The Contractor Series has a strong, robust design that is able to tackle all types of hedges.  A focus on precision components and manufacturing techniques has resulted in superior performance and reliability,

Parallel arm-allows the operator to maintain a constant head height, while adjusting the reach of the arm, without the continual need to adjust the lift function. 

Cast iron gearbox- Cast iron gearboxes can work while under higher pressures and exposed to higher oil temperatures whereas some competitors use Aluminium which is a cheaper option, but cannot function effectively in higher temperatures and under higher pressures.

Self-lubricating pins - pin head designed to allow the pin itself to rotate slightly within the bush, meaning that the grease can get all the way around the pin and not just sit on top of it- increase lifetime of the pin

Low friction hydraulic circuit- designed to overcome circuit restrictions by reducing the angle of the fittings and pipes this allows the oil to flow more continually, keeping the oil temperature low for more efficiency. When there are sharp bends and angles on the pipes this causes the oil to heat up as it flows through, reducing the power of the machine at the cutting head, getting worse as the working day goes on. Increasing oil temperature above optimum operating temperature, causes wear in the pump, motors and valves permanently reducing long machine performance. 

115° Power slew with hydraulic break back – allows for balanced loading of machine during transportation (minimising stress on tractor linkage) while maximising offset during operation.

  • 5.5m reach
  • 80hp high torque motor
  • Soft touch LPH controls
  • 1.3m cutting head
  • 252° head rotation
  • 220L hydraulic tank- double filtered for purity and efficiency, all tanks are leak tested
  • Full tank of oil included
  • Oil temperature gauge - visible from the tractor seat, to make it easier for checking during operation
  • Oil tank cooling system
  • Manual head roller
  • Road lighting kit
  • Top link shock absorber
  • Bi-directional rotor
  • Heavy duty rotor with ringed tabs
  • High capacity bearings
  • Wire trap
  • Hydraulic safety breakaway
  • Stabiliser kit -helps keep the hedge cutter secure and close to the back of the tractor
  • 135mm t flails
Weight: 1350 kg


  • 6m/6.5m telescopic reach
  • 1.6m head
  • Telescopic arm
  • Angle float kit
  • Lift float kit
  • Hydraulic head roller
  • Flail head skid kit
  • Caged rotor
  • Arm work lamp
  • Electronic proportional joystick
  • Electric oil cooler

 For more information please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.


FarmFLiX update: "Since our review of the C650, Blaney has developed a new electronic proportional control for the upgrade in the 2018 hydraulic power output and the controls can now alter the software program to give the response, timing and speed that the user requires."

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