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New Holland Telehandlers

As a guide, each model number in the TH range presents a broad indication of the model's maximum lift height and capacity. For example, the TH7.32 has a capacity lift of 3200kg to a height of 7 metres, and the TH9.35 can lift a maximum of 3500kg to a height of 9.150 metres. 

The New Holland TH range consists of six models (with fourteen versions) with a reach ranging from between 6 to 9 metres, including three models within the 7 metre category. For a better driving experience, all models feature the 4x3 and 6x3 PowerShift™ transmission. The entire range boasts an advanced cab design that offers improved comfort, noise suppression and superior visibility.

Within the range are four variants: S, Classic, Plus and Elite.

S - These models are telehandlers with essential specification at a value-for-money price, designed to get the job done. They feature a 133hp engine, gear pump and single mode 4x3 PowerShift™ transmission.

Classic - Similar to the S models, Classic also offers value-for-money with spec variants and includes 133hp engines, reversible cooling fan, single mode 4x3 PowerShift™ transmission and limited slip rear diff.

Plus - Also feature 133hp engines, but with the 6x3 PowerShift™ transmissions with 2 modes and a piston pump.

Elite - At the top of the range, Elite models feature 146hp engines, 3 mode 6x3 PowerShift™ transmissions, piston pump and seat mounted joystick.     

TH Range features:

  • Automatic reversible cooling fan
  • Tier 4B ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR engine, up to 146hp
  • 3.2 to 4.2 ton lift capacity
  • Up to 10 LED lights (additional LED lighting available as option)
  • 360° vision 71dB[A] noise levels
  • External Aux pressure relief switch
  • Best-in-class service access
  • New 6x3 & 4x3 PowerShift™ transmissions
  • H shaped ladder chassis for increased torsional strength
  • Extended 600-hour service intervals
  • Complete auto lubrication system option
  • 3 mode steering with auto alignment option
  • Hydraulic quick-coupler option
  • Agricultural or industrial tyre options

TH Range Spec

Max lift height (mm)605060507000700070009150
Max lift angle (°)616165656561
Reach at max lift height (mm)9009008508508502660
Max forward reach (mm)330033004050405040506800
Reach with 2000 kg load (mm)255030002950313035003470
Reach with 1500 kg load (mm)310033003650382040504220
Reach with 1000 kg load (mm)330033004050405040505280
Max lift capacity (kg)320036003200370042003500
Lift capacity at full height (kg)320036002500250025001500
Lift capacity (kg)13501500130014001500500


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