Logic LMF Livestock Multi-Feeder Snacker / Snacka

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Logic LMF Livestock Multi-Feeder Snacker / Snacka

The Logic LMF Livestock Multi-Feeder Snacker / Snacka has been developed to feed livestock, especially sheep, quickly and efficiently. The spacing is also optimised so that it avoids foot trampling and enables you to keep livestock apart and eat without stress.

The drop mechanism is operated by an electrical system that allows the feeder to drop piles of food a minimum of ten feet apart, which makes it ideal for sheep, allowing them plenty of space to feed. The drop amount can be adjusted between 1lb and 4lb, depending on your herd/flock size, along with ground conditions.


  • Designed to handle nuts, rolls, cobs, pencils and most home mixes
  • Robust all-welded construction
  • Galvanised for longer life
  • Excellent ground clearance
  • 356 litres/320kg hopper capacity
  • Light towing weight
  • Low pressure wheels/tyres with bead-lock rims
  • 22x11-8 wheels and tyres on stardard unit
  • Control box for remote operation
  • Resettable drop counter
  • Swivel hitch for added safety

Optional Extras:

  • Mudguards
  • Livestock fenders
  • Tonneau cover
  • Extended hopper version (625 litre /500kg capacity)
  • Hard-top bale rack


For more information on Logic's Livestock Feeders please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.



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