Husqvarna XP Power 2 Stroke Pre-Mixed Petrol (5 litres)

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Husqvarna XP Power 2 Stroke Pre-Mixed Petrol (5 litres)

£16.66 Ex VAT     £19.99 Inc VAT

Please note that this item is currently only available in-store and cannot be ordered online

Five litres of advanced 2-stroke alkylate petrol pre-mixed with 2% Husqvarna XP® fully synthetic and biodegradable 2-stroke oil. Ideal for two stroke powered machinery such as chainsaws, strimmers, hedge trimmers, etc.

Alkylate fuel formula, mixed with fully synthetic, biodegradable oil, results in less harmful exhaust emissions. 

Your machinery will deliver its full potential thanks to the exceptional lubricity and cleanliness, even during the toughest conditions.

VEF – Verified Engine Formula. A Husqvarna verification program that secures long term durability of Husqvarna engines.

  • 2% XP fully synthetic and biodegradable oil
  • Complies with JASO FO/ISO EGD standards
  • Cleaner engine for maximum service life
  • Improved work environment
  • Long storage time
  • Easy to start
Also available in one litre bottles.

We also have lawnmower alkylate fuel available.


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