New Holland BigBaler Testimonial

New Holland BigBaler Testimonial

Mark Sealey, a Gloucestershire farmer, normally creates around 15,000 bales a season, so when it was time to update his large square baler he wanted a model that produced a high quality bale while maintaining output. His choice was a New Holland BigBaler 1270 Plus CropCutter™.

Bale weight was also an important factor to Mark when he decided on the New Holland BigBaler 1270 Plus: "We are able to get more weight into each bale when compared with our previous baler". For all balers, reducing forward speed can result in an increase in bale weight, however this is not a technique needed for this baler: "While increasing bale weight with the 1270 we are able to go an extra 2K faster".

Mark predominantly bales silage, so choosing a baler with the ability to feed in heavy grass was of paramount importance, leading him to opt for the RotorCutter™. "Feeding is good in heavy swaths. We don't have an issue with chop quality".

Knotting quality is also an important factor when it comes to large square balers, with Mark adding: "The baler hasn’t dropped a knot all season apart from the odd change over which can affect any machine”.

Another key feature opted for was the star wheel moisture meter, which has proven to be extremely accurate and offers Mark the knowledge of knowing the moisture of the crop, reducing the chance of it spoiling. “The moisture meter has proven itself last season, I have found that the accuracy level has been very good”.

Exceptional ground floatation is proved by tandem large wheel steer axles on 560/45 R22.5 tyres: “Large wheels are helping to travel the ground”. Mark has found that accessibility has been good around the baler, since 2018 the BigBaler Plus has integrated pivoting twines boxes. “Accessibility is good due to the pivoting twine boxes. It makes the job of cleaning much easier”. He also added “The detachable pickup wheel arms are easy to use which helps when traveling on narrow roads”.

For more information, please visit our New Holland large square baler range webpage.