Creating A Maize Maze With Kverneland GEOSEED

Creating A Maize Maze With Kverneland GEOSEED

It was not so long ago that if you wanted to construct a maize maze you were faced with the laborious task of planting the seed then either hoeing the pathways or removing the plants as the maize grew. However, with the help of a Kverneland precision drill using GEOSEED GPS technology, such methods have become a thing of the past.

One of the first places to take advantage of this innovative seeding technique was Hirsty's Family Fun Park in Norfolk. The process started with the creation of a digital maze plan which was converted into a seed map using software and then fed into the tractor's GPS mapping system. The crop was then planted automatically using a Kverneland precision drill, the 8-row Optima TF Profi. The drill is fitted with Kverneland's patented GEOSEED, that utilises GPS for individual row control, following the seed map with the tractor's GPS mapping system instructing the eight drill sections when to stop and start.

Even with a forward speed slowed to a steady 5kph, the site took just a day to plant. The end result was an eight acre mega-maze, planted to an accuracy of just 2 cm!

Can you spot the two farm animals in the design?

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