Husqvarna Launch Virtual Boundaries For Robot Mowers

Husqvarna Launch Virtual Boundaries For Robot Mowers

Husqvarna continues to lead the way in the field of robot mowing innovation with the launch of virtual boundaries for professional robotic mowers using Husqvarna EPOS technology, a satellite-based solution. 

Husqvarna EPOS technology is a high-precision satellite navigation system that can create a virtual boundary for professional robot mowers. The system can deliver an accuracy of 2-3 centimetres and is ideal for sports fields and public spaces.

Sascha Menges, President Husqvarna Division, commented: “Robotics and autonomous solutions will play a major role in the future of green space management. We are committed to continuously improving professional green space management and Husqvarna EPOS is a technological breakthrough in Husqvarna’s robotic mowing that will further accelerate the adaptation of robotics in professional lawn care." 

Since the 1990's, Husqvarna have been leading the way in the evolution of robot mowing, developing a range of silent, emission free, high performing robot mowers that maintain healthy lawns and increase productivity. 2019 also saw the launch of Husqvarna's first all-wheel drive Automower®, a model that can mow areas with an incline of up to 70%.

Please visit our Husqvarna Automower® webpage for more information about the range.