Why Choose a New Holland Telehandler?

Why Choose  a New Holland Telehandler?

The New Holland TH telehandler series delivers an unrivalled mix of performance, dependability and affordability.

Unique choice

With an eight model range and fifteen model variations, New Holland has developed a telehandler to suit the specific demands of the user, e.g. a telehandler with the reach to pick up, transport and stack large bales, or a manoeuvrable handler for daily livestock duties.

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  • Excellent all-round visibility, especially when manoeuvring in tight spaces, placing loads at height or watching the changing of an attachment on the ground.
  • Exceptionally low noise levels (71dB)
  • Spacious, wide access door
  • Superior visibility, even in the dark, with up to 10 LED lights on the boom and around the cab
  • Convenience of Auxiliary Pressure Release Button - located on the front light cluster just outside the cab - that enables a quick change of attachments without needing to return to the cab


  • A generous 133hp can be increased to 146hp with the TH Elite models, increasing productivity particularly when road transport and towing are involved
  • Proven in the T6 tractor models, the engines use ECOBlueTM and HI-eSCR technology, removing the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), so no reduced function while a regeneration of the DPF takes place that also causes extremely high exhaust gas temperatures that could cause problems inside buildings, or when handling flammable material
  • The configuration of fan, engine and outlet means that there is always a positive blast of clean air over the engine, ensuring that no dust or chaff can settle on hot surfaces
  • Auto-reverse fans keeps those cores clean, even in the dustiest conditions
  • No over-lap with the main cooling cores, resulting in fresh cool air flows through each core
  • Up-time is maximised with a 600 hour service interval
  • Daily checks are made easy with excellent access
  • Even routine greasing can be fully automated


  • The 4Fx3R transmission gives intuitive manual operation via the console mounted joy-stick - following user feedback, improvements give better acceleration and climbing performance, as well as smoother shuttling via a lever on the steering column
  • The 6Fx3R can have up to 3 operation modes (manual, semi-auto, full-auto) selecting the best gear for forward speed and engine load, as well as up to three shuttling modes
  • Automation takes the load off the operator, allowing them to concentrate on the bigger picture
  • To transmit power to the ground, a selection of agricultural or hybrid tyres can be selected depending on if field work, or yard and transport work, is the priority
  • Limited Slip Differentials are used, so that in slippery conditions this ensures that at least 45% of the torque is directed to the wheel with the greatest traction, with no need to engage or disengage a differential-lock
  • 40kph is available on Elite models


  • Made from 25mm high tensile steel
  • Robot welding ensures exceptional torsional rigidity
  • A strong and stable design with 3000mm wheelbase instills confidence in the operator that performance will be safe and efficient
  • Different headstocks can be specified from factory, allowing for the continued use of existing attachments
  • Exceptionally strong boom support negates the need to add extra counterweights

The New Holland TH range is the result of the best specialised technology: 20 years of telehandler development married with careful attention to design and manufacturing excellence, delivering the most advanced specific technology and outstanding performance in demanding conditions.

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