Kellfri ATV Front Mounted Flail Mower

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Kellfri ATV Front Mounted Flail Mower

Kellfri's ATV Front Mounted Flail Mower is built for larger ATVs and has a working width of 1 metre. It is ideal for mowing grass, cutting pastures and clearing brushwood.

One of the key advantages of working with a front mounted flail mower is that the amount of compressed grass is minimised, making the cutting operation more effective. With side shift adjustment as standard, the front mounted flail mower can be set either to the left or the right, allowing for better access to fences, posts and trees. 


  • Working width 100 cm
  • Standard side shift 
  • 44 Y-flails 
  • Adjustable mounting plate
  • Powered by centrifugal clutch, providing gentle and effective power transmission
Product no. 35-VKMATVF
The  front mounted flail mower is supplied with an adjustable mounting plate. 

The Universal attachment for fixed mounting to ATVs is an optional extra. For further information on this product, please visit the webpage for Kellfri's Universal Attachment for ATV (35-UNIFVKMATV)

Kellfri ATV Front Mounted Mower Specification

Model no. 35-VKMATVF
Working width 1,000 mm
Engine power 15 hp
Belts 2 st BX38
Cutting height Max: 80 mm, Min: 20 mm
L x W x H 1830 x 1240 x 770 mm
Engine Petrol
Flails  Y-flails 22 set (44 pcs)
Weight 158 kg


For more information about the Kellfri ATV Front Mounted Mower, please call us now on 01626 831850 or drop us an email via the ENQUIRE button.


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