Logic Sweeper Collector MSP120

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Logic Sweeper Collector

Logic MSP120 Pro-Sweep Sweeper / Collector is designed to sweep anything it comes into contact with into the hopper and can be trailed behind any appropriate vehicle with a tow bar. It can be used for de-mossing the surface, collecting litter, fallen leaves or pine needles, and even broken clay pigeons. It is also ideal for the surface maintenance of artificial sports pitches and tennis courts.

A centrifugal clutch allows the Honda 5.5hp engine to be started without engaging the drive system. During the sweeping operation the engine is set to full revs via the remote throttle (clipped onto the towing vehicle during use) to engage the 1.2 metre (4ft) rotary brush. The four banks of 150mm long, stiff nylon bristles then sweep the debris into the hopper. Fine height adjustments can be made by turning the screw jack handle.

Standard Features

  • 1.2 metre working width
  • Honda 5.5hp engine with easy pull start system
  • Easy and very accurate brush height adjustment
  • Mesh bottomed hopper – to allow recycling of small surface particles
  • Mesh topped hopper visually indicates when hopper is full
  • Mesh top easily removed for cleaning purposes
  • Floating drawbar for light, easy hitching and more compact storage
  • Remote throttle cable 
  • Throttle cable ‘park’ to prevent tangles when machine is not in use
  • Large capacity hopper (equivalent to approx. 6 wheelbarrows)
  • High clearance emptying height
  • Wide rear castor wheels ensure specialist grassed surfaces are not damaged
  • Large rear castors also ensure stability and manoeuvrability

‍Model: Logic MSP120


  • Strong manual winch –  beneficial when emptying heavy loads
  • Tine bar – not required for artificial sports surfaces
  • Mesh floor for infill and redistribution

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