Self Loading Round Bale Trailer

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Logic Self Loading Round Bale Trailer

Logic's LBT100 is a self loading round bale trailer that makes it easy for one person to move big bales around. The trailer features a unique dual pivot system, along with straps and a geared winch, allowing you to easily self-load, carry and unload bales of straw, hay and haulage. 


  • Designed for one person to load, transport and tip round bales
  • Safe, easy and controlled operation
  • Galvanised chassis
  • Swivel hitch
  • Quality WT831 23 x 10.5-12 low ground pressure wheels
  • Geared bale winch for effortless lifting and controlled unloading
  • Tipping mechanism
  • 600kg max. load

Please view the photos for a visual representation of how the bale trailer works:

  1. Back up to the round bale and secure the strap
  2. Secure the winch strap
  3. Winch the bale onto the chassis
  4. Lock the cradle onto the chassis
  5. Drive to your destination
  6. Secure the unloading strap
  7. Release lock and start to winch
  8. When you reach the balance point, push the bale
  9. Remove the straps


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